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Read in Journal 2, 2017


Khalilov R.A., Kiseleva N.V. WAHO World Registrars Meeting in Bahrain 2017 5
Kalinkova L.V., Shemarykin A.E. Cerebellar Abiotrophy in Arabian Horse 7
Khotov V.H., Petrikeeva L.V. Comparison of Haematological Parameters in Purebred Arabian Mares and Stallions during Racing Season 8
Mahmutova O.N. Results of II Virtual Championship on Type and Conformation of Orlov Trotter Horses 11
Burenko A.V. «A Hard Romance», or the Song not for the Weak 13
Borisova A.V. Monitoring of the Linear Structure in Soviet Draft Horse Breed 15
Vdovina N.V., Yurieva I.B. Testing of the Breed of “ Severe Quenching” 18
Bazaron B.Z., Hamiruev T.N., Dashinimaev S.M., Kalashnikov R.V., Tsyrendashiev B.B. Economic-Useful Signs of Horses of Zabaykalskaya Breed and their Crosses with Yakut and Heavy Draft Breeds 20
Martianova V. A. Horse for Dressage 24
Leppenen G. Aprobation of the Techique of Horse Presentation 25
Kravets M.S. The Results of the First All-Russian Competitions Among Students in Eventing 26
Lebedeva L.F., Solodova E.V. Analysis of Fertility of Mares with Different Configuration of External Genitalia 27
New Possibilities for the Trotter Horse Breeding 30
Egorov G.A., Pochkina N.M. Horse Drawn Potato Harvesting Marchines 31
Lihobaba E.I. Personnel Decides Everything! Orenburg Hippodrome 33
Yurchenko N.V., Yurchenko I.Y. From the History of Equestrian Sport in Russia: European Vaulting and Cossak Dzhigitovka in the Period of Catherine the Great (1762-1796) 36
Sergienko G.F. is 80! 39
Polzunova A.M. is 80! 40

Chief Editor: Kalashnikov Valery Vasilievich – RAN academician, the All-Russian Research Institute for Horse Breeding

Members of the Editorial Board:

Antontsev B.D. Honored worker of agriculture of the RF; Demin V.A. Dr of Agricultural Sciences; Zhukovskiy V.I.; Zaitsev A.M. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences; Kambegov B.D. Dr of Biological Sciences, Professor; Podobaev V.A Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor; Polzunova A.M. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences; Prohorov Y.B.; Pustovoy V.F. Dr of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor; Timchenko A.M. Honored worker of agriculture of the RF ; Khotov V.H. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

Compile and design editors : Suhodolskaya I.V., Rozhnova J.A.

Translator: Kiseleva N.V.

Editorial Board of Experts:

Bakovetskaya O.V. Dr of Biological Sciences, Professor; Zaharov V.A. Dr of Agricultural Sciences, Professor; Kozlov S.A. Dr of Biological Sciences, Professor; Sergienko G.F. Dr of Biological Sciences, Professor; Trufanov V.G., Dr of Agricultural Sciences, Professor; Khrabrova L.A. Dr of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

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